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Each program requires a solid foundation.  Through a series of communications with our clients, the first step is to identify company goals and objectives.  We then work together as a team to determine program criteria, create a theme and formulate a budget which defines the direction we will take in the design and production of the event – Once this is accomplished,  the PROCESS begins. 


          1.  Site Inspections and Details

          2.  Program Coordination



          1.  Final Billing / Reconciliation

          2.  Event Evaluation


Site selection and hotel contract negotiation can be the greatest challenge in planning any program.  This is where utilizing an experienced planner can be the most beneficial and cost effective.  After determining meeting criteria, i.e., potential dates, destinations, preliminary meeting specifications, an extensive site search and analysis is conducted resulting in anywhere from three to five options.  Once the final selection has been made, we will negotiate the best possible hotel contract for you.  Back to top


1. Site Inspections and Details

The purpose of the site inspection is to familiarize the client with all options in order to make final program decisions.  It is usually during the site inspection that most program decisions are made. 

Destination Resources will coordinate all details for site inspection visits, i.e. hotel and transportation arrangements, arrange client meetings with key hotel staff and local vendors, arrange inspection of off-site venues and any recreation or sightseeing options to be included in the program. Back to top

2. Program Coordination

This area comprises the myriad of details that will ensure the successful operation of all program elements.  The services listed below relate to hotel, vendor and client requirements.

  • Airline contracts negotiated, subsequent ticketing done, if applicable
  • Negotiate preferential rental car rates
  • Contracts and accounting features negotiated with all outside suppliers
  • Deposits and payments determined, approved, distributed.
  • Guest rooming list created, maintained, submitted to hotel and client 
  • VIP requirements determined, finalized
  • Details of hotel operations finalized, submitted to hotel
  • Meeting specifications and banquet details finalized, submitted to hotel (i.e. food/beverage/room layouts/meeting setups, etc.)
  • Audiovisual vendor selection, final requirements determined
  • On-site communication equipment determined, finalized
  • On-site, off-site evening events designed, finalized
  • Event theme décor, concept/design created, finalized
  • Event entertainment determined, finalized
  • Guest mailing materials designed, produced, distributed
  • Guest mailing lists created, maintained 
  • Meeting materials designed, produced
  • On-site registration materials designed, produced
  • Program signage designed, produced
  • Merchandise and gift items designed, ordered, shipped
  • Photography and video products to be designed and finalized
  • Recreation and sightseeing options determined, coordinated, finalized
  • Transportation and staffing details coordinated, finalized  Back to top


The success of any program will ultimately rely on the on-site management and operations.  The personalized attention Destination Resources pays to all pre-program details will also continue on-site, especially in relationship to the interaction between DR staff and guests.  On-site services would include:

  • Hotel pre-conference meeting with department heads to review all program aspects prior to group arrival.
  • Rooming list reviewed in detail with hotel rooms manager to insure final details are correct and all rooms are assigned properly prior to group arrival.
  • Gift items to be assembled in preparation for distribution, room deliveries to be coordinated with hotel staff prior to group arrival.
  • Registration materials to be assembled and organized, registration procedures reviewed prior to group arrival.
  • Hospitality desk or room/office to be set up and manned throughout the program.
  • Individual room registration overseen on a daily basis.
  • Daily review of hotel billing with hotel accounts manager to avoid discrepancies.
  • Daily DR staff meetings to include key hotel personnel to discuss the day’s schedule and plan for the following day. 
  • Meet and Greet staff to be assigned at hotel and airport to assist with arrival/departure transfers. 
  • Ground services are reviewed and reconfirmed daily throughout the program, updating all transportation needs and arrival/departure schedules.
  • DR staff supervision and daily reconfirmation of on/off site activities and events 
  • Wrap-up:  Hospitality desk/office tear down, packing and shipping, final review of hotel details and last minute accounting. Back to top


1. Final Billing / Reconciliation

An itemized accounting of all program costs will be presented to the client no later than 6-8 weeks after the completion of the program .   Additional costs incurred during the event and approved by the client are billed after the completion of the program. Back to top

2. Event Evaluation

Post-program attendee evaluation surveys, which we can design and compile, as well as  follow-up client meetings are encouraged to assist with future program planning.  Back to top